Essay on ‘My Grandmother’

My Grandmother

My grandmother is the person whose life exemplifies the benefits of patience and perseverance. Married at the age of 16, her life meandered through strange twists and turns. She went through the rigours of the unfriendly extended joint family. There were many occasions when she was at the end of her patience. But she counselled her own self and carried on.

During her times, life was tougher for women who dared to dream and pursue it. She loved music and wished to learn it was no less than walking on the tight rope to accommodate music classes in a breathlessly busy life. She handled the challenges patiently. She persevered on. Her happiness knew no bounds when she was invited to sing in a community function. Though her family didn’t support her, she accepted the invitation. Soon after that, she started working harder and got a chance to sing on the All India Radio.

She is an achiever for me. Her patience was rare. What I learned from her is that if we are patient at the most difficult times and persevere on, we are sure to achieve our goals. After all, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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