Essay on Place of Entertainment That You Recently Visited

Write an essay on a place of entertainment that you recently visited with your cousins in 100-150 words.

I had been to an amusement park recently with my cousins. This amusement park is in South Bangalore. It sprawls over a vast 30 km. It has around 60 exciting and interesting rides. What makes the park vibrant is the electrifying ambiance created by the thrill of the visitors on the rides. A volley of gastronomic options waits at the restaurant in the park as visitors punch on snacks intermittently to refuel themselves for more rides.

One is sure to experience the on-the-edge moment during the water rides. The Drop Zone is another helluva of a ride that can squirm the bravest of hearts. As the car dropped, chorus of screams exploded into the space. Equally maverick are Y-stream, Hurricane, Insanity, Equinox, Flash Tower and Recoil. There are rides exclusively for kids. Lovers of sea can quest their thirst at the artificial sea with a lighthouse.

Wonderla is a coveted entertainment destination even for those who don’t take the rides. Spending time with friends over beverages and delicacies amidst a fair-like festive ambiance is rejuvenating for them.

Wonderla is not a weekend-gateway but a venue for small and big celebrations. The park provides basic facilities like first-aid, wheel chair, cloak room and dress changing room.

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