Essay on Punctuality

Punctuality Essay

Punctuality means proper use of time. It is an important factor in determining the successful career of a person. Punctuality is a virtue which makes a person a great man. A punctual person is disciplined to the core. On the other hand, an unpunctual man wastes his and others’ time.

In today’s fast-paced life, it is just like a crime to waste any time. In the present age of haste and hurry, everyone finds himself busy. No one is ready to wait. It is our duty to keep our appointments and promises, and discharge our duties in time.

We should not keep others waiting for us, because time once lost is lost forever. We should be considerate enough to know the value of their time, just like we would not like others to waste our time. Sadly enough, we often act the other way round. We idle away our time. So we suffer a lot.

We must cultivate this habit right from our childhood. A punctual person has a lot of time to spare at his disposal, while an unpunctual person always struggles to find time for many things

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