Essay on School Library

School Library Essay

A school library is an important part of a school. It is a vital part of school life and education. We have a large library in our school. We enjoy its advantages. It is housed in an airy, well-lighted and spacious hall in one corner of the school building. There are cupboards and bookshelves for storing books.

The books are catalogued and arranged in specific order so that even a new person can locate the books of the desired subject and topic. Apart from textbooks and reference books, the library has a collection of about 2000 story books that meets the needs of students.

The entire job of issuing and collecting books and journals is managed by a librarian who sits near the entrance. There are three large tables that serve as a reading room, where we can read newspapers and magazines.

The library provides us with an excellent scope to acquire knowledge and information on a variety of subjects in a peaceful environment. Though books are issued for a maximum of one week, the poor students are issued books for a longer duration in order to help them in their education.

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