Essay on Science and Technology – Boon or Bane

Write an essay on Science and Technology – Boon or Bane.

Science and Technology – Boon or Bane

The advent of science is a great blessing to mankind. Science has relieved us of our “age long” ignorance, suffering and darkness. It serves us in all walks of life like a faithful servant. It has proved itself to be quite an obedient servant at home, In the field and in the factory. Science has magic power. It has transformed our daily life. Science has made the luxurious items cheap and has brought them within the reach of everybody. Science produces goods at cheaper rates on large scale.

Every form of entertainment has been brought to our door. A radio or a television set removes boredom from our lives. They have enlightened our lives and made our burdens light. Even a cobbler keeps a radio with him. He listens to the radio programmers while mending the shoes.

Science has shown every care and concern for our health. It has cured us of many chronic and incurable diseases. It has cured epidemics like cholera, plague and small pox. Science has made traveling a pleasure. It has conquered time and distance.

Man of today travels through deserts and forests with safety and speed. The aero planes have completed the work of years in months. Science has lightened the toil of the housewife by placing many devices at her disposal. Cooking, washing and cleaning are done in the twinkling of an eye.

Electricity serves the housewife like a housemaid. It has provided her enough leisure to rest or to give better attention to her children. Science has taken upon itself even the mental jobs. It does all the back breaking and dangerous jobs for him. Science has shared a great contribution. Books are printed in large numbers at cheap rates. The newspapers add a great deal to our knowledge and give us exact information. Electricity has made the daily life of the common man. It is quite difference from what it used to be. It has eased agricultural and industrial activities.

But every silver cloud has a dark lining in it. Science too is no exception to it. Science has caused great havoc. It has made us idle & ease loving. The gun powder and destructive weapons of war can prove fatal to the well being of the world. It has rendered our jobs light but has made our hearts heavy. Lovers of peace denounce Science. It has ushered in an era of disturbance, lawlessness, instability, insecurity and barbarism, It has raised out standard of living on the foundation of uncertainty. So it is rightly said that Science is a good servant but bad master.

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