Essay on Television

Television Essay

Television is one of the powerful and popular means of mass communication these days. It has become a part and parcel of our daily life. It gains over other media because of its audio-visual advantage. Television provides us with a lot of recreation and information. Song or play, game or news, television is always at hand to provide us the information we require, remove our monotony and soothe our nerves.

It has many facets of personality. It telecasts programmes on health and hygiene, social and psychological problems, entertainment and serious discussions. Now the viewers can directly seek advice from the experts over telephone, if necessary. In fact, it keeps us well informed of the latest happenings in the world.

But television is not an unmixed blessing. It consumes much time and energy of viewers, especially students. Besides, amoral programmes on it encourage juvenile delinquency. They hamper creativity and create a sense of withdrawal. It is rightly blamed for less physical activity, less social interaction and ‘couch potatoes’.

Despite all this, we cannot undermine the value of television. A judicious mix of different programmes should be watched in order to derive maximum benefit from it. Let us all use its vast potential properly and cautiously. Students should be told to watch it only over a limited period so that they have time for other activities too.

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