Essay on Time is Money

Time is Money Essay

Our life is nothing but the sum of days, hours and minutes. If we waste our time, we waste our life. We can regain money and health if we lose them, but we cannot regain time if we lose it. We can become what we want to by utilising our time properly. Time once lost is lost forever. A time gone by is bygone forever.

In the ancient times, the period of life was divided into four parts. The first twenty-five years were meant for education and learning. The next twenty-five years were meant for living the life of a householder and procreation of children. The next twenty-five years were meant for self-study and social service. And the final twenty-five years were meant for making an effort to achieve salvation.

According to the above, the first two stages of life are the most fruitful. Youth is the age when time is the greatest treasure. During youth, a person can work hard and take risks. This is the time which should be utilised optimally. We must gain knowledge and experience during this stage of life. This age becomes the foundation stone of our future life.

A wise man suitably divides his time between work and play wisely. Those who only work or only enjoy, do not do justice to themselves. And the people who idle away their time are the terrible sinners. They who waste their time are the guilty of not only themselves, but also of the family, society and the world at large.

It is the time when you have to act. Act now or you will have to repent at leisure that you did not act when it was the ripe time. Your family, society, country and the world is watching you and looking for your help. Get ready and achieve the highest goals of life, only then you can justify the time which God has given you. Else, you too would be lost in the crowd of people with no one to remember you. Only your action will make you live long after you have lived your life.

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