Evening Hymn by Eliza Lee Follen

Before I close my eyes to-night,
Let me myself these questions ask:—
Have I endeavoured to do right,
Nor thought my duty was a task?

Have I been gentle, lowly, meek,
And the small voice of conscience heard?
When passion tempted me to speak,
Have I repressed the angry word?

Have I with cheerful zeal obeyed
What my kind parents bid me do,
And not by word or action said
The thing that was not strictly true?

In hard temptation’s troubled hour,
Then have I stopped to think and pray,
That God would give my soul the power
To chase the sinful thought away?

O Thou who seest all my heart,
Wilt thou forgive and love me still!
Wilt thou to me new strength impart,
And make me love to do thy will!

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