Father to Son – NCERT Solutions

Q. Does the poem talk of an exclusively personal experience or is it fairly universal?

Ans. The poem is autobiographical in nature and describes the relationship between a father and his son. Beginning on an exclusively personal experience, the poem rises to a fairly universal phenomenon—the growing generation gap and lack of communication.

Q. How is the father’s helplessness brought out in the poem?

Ans. The father’s helplessness is brought out by the existing circumstances. Usually a father is the best friend and advisor of the son. However, there is no bond of affinity or relationship between the two. It seems that the two are not on speaking terms even while living under the same roof. The father feels helpless that he can’t share what his son loves.

Q. Identify the phrases and lines that indicate distance between father and son.

Ans. The phrases/lines indicating distance between father and son are:

  • “I don’t understand this child.”
  • “I know nothing of him.”
  • “We speak like strangers, there’s no sign Of understanding in the air.”
  • “…..What he loves I cannot share.”
  • “Silence surrounds us.” “….. see him make and move His world.”

Q. Does the poem have a consistent rhyme scheme?

Ans. No, the poem does not have a consistent rhyme scheme. The first two stanzas have the rhyme-scheme ab ba ba whereas the third and fourth have a slight alteration. The third stanza has abc aba whereas the fourth one has abbcb scheme.

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