Footprints Without Feet – Important Questions

Q. Why did the landlord want to eject Griffin? Why did Griffin set the house on fire?

Ans. Though Griffin was a brilliant scientist, the landlord wanted to eject him from his house because of his whimsical activities. Griffin set the house on fire to take his revenge on the landlord.

Q. What did Griffin, the scientist, do to escape after setting the fire to the house of his landlord?

Ans. Griffin, the scientist removed his clothes, became invisible and got away without being seen. He became a homeless wanderer without clothes, without money and quite invisible.

Q. What did Griffin decide to try the second time? What did he hope to find?

Ans. Griffin decided to try the stock of theatrical company. He hoped to find clothes that would hide the empty space above his shoulders. He wore bandages round his forehead. He also wore dark glasses and a false nose.

Q. Give a character sketch of Griffin, the invisible scientist.

Ans. The invisible scientist was a brilliant scientist who misused his scientific discovery and became a lawless person. He started enjoying harming people. When his landlord tried to catch him, in revenge, Griffin set fire to the house.

Q. How do you assess Griffin as a scientist?

Ans. Griffin was a brilliant scientist. He invented some drugs and made himself as an invisible man. But he misused his scientific discovery and became a lawless person. Griffin was thus not a true scientist.

Q. How did Griffin enjoy himself inside a big London store?

Ans. Griffin slipped into a big London store to save himself from the unbearable cold. He drank and wore warm clothes. He found cold meat, coffee and sweets there. At last, he slept on a pile of quilts and enjoyed himself.

Q. What extraordinary things happened at the inn?

Ans. The landlord and his wife found the scientist’s door open. The scientist was missing. Suddenly, Mrs. Hall heard a sniff and saw the hat on the bedpost leapt up. The chair in the room started moving automatically. These things made people furious.

Q. Why did Mrs. Hall find the scientist eccentric?

Ans. Mrs. Hall found the scientist eccentric because he had arrived at the inn in winter, which was an unusual time for any visitor to arrive there. His appearance was that of a stranger. He did not like to speak to Mrs. Hall, rather he wanted to be left alone undisturbed.

Q. What did the Halls see in the scientist’s room?

Ans. On seeing the door of the scientist’s room open, the Halls went inside to investigate. They saw that the bed clothes were cold, his clothes and bandages were lying loose in the room. Suddenly, they heard a sniffing sound although they could no one in the room. The Halls got terrified and decided to leave the room.

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