Future Continuous Tense – Exercises for Class 8

Future continuous tense is used to refer to: a pre-scheduled plan to be carried out in the future; a definite action at a specific time in the future; a future action of longer duration interrupted by another shorter action in the future; an action expected to happen in the due course of time in the future. Example: Tina and her friends will be presenting a skit next week.


Q. Fill in the blanks with the future continuous tense form of the verbs.

  1. My father _____________ (wait) for my brother at the railway station when he arrives.
  2. She _____________ (stop) for dinner on her way to the studio.
  3. Meera _____________ (go) to the school tomorrow.
  4. We _____________ (meet) each other tomorrow.


  1. will be waiting
  2. will be stopping
  3. will be going
  4. will be meeting

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