Future Tense – Exercises for Class 6

Simple future tense is used to indicate an action that is yet to take place. The verbs will and shall are used with the base form of the verb to indicate an action in future tense. Example: I will go to school tomorrow.

Future continuous tense expresses an action that will be going on at sometime in the future or things which will take place as a matter of routine. Example: She will be doing her homework in the evening.

Future perfect tense expresses an action, which will have been completed before a given point of time in the future. Example: She will have finished her homework by evening.

Future perfect continuous tense denotes a continuous action, which is used with reference to some time in future. Example: She will have been reading about the event in the newspaper next morning.


Q. Fill in the blanks with appropriate forms of verbs given in the brackets according to the tense mentioned with each sentence.

  1. Roshan _____________ (decorate) the room for the party. (Future perfect continuous)
  2. Sunaina _____________ (invite) her friends by tomorrow. (Future perfect)
  3. He _____________ (read) the novel by tomorrow evening. (Future perfect)
  4. The actors _____________ (rehearse) for the programme next morning. (Future perfect continuous)


  1. will have been decorating
  2. will have invited
  3. will have read
  4. will have been rehearsing

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