Golu Grows a Nose – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. “Why don’t you ever fly like other birds ?” Whom does Golu ask this?

Ans. Golu asks its aunt ostrich that why it doesn’t fly like other birds.

Q. Which uncle of Golu had spots?

Ans. Golu’s tall uncle giraffe had spots on its skin.

Q. Which uncle of Golu had red eyes?

Ans. Golu’s huge uncle hippopotamus always had red eyes.

Q. What had Golu asked the monkey?

Ans. Golu asked the monkey that why did a melon taste like a melon.

Q. Why had Golu come to the Limpopo river?

Ans. Golu had asked the Mynah bird that what did a crocodile eat for dinner. The Mynah then advised him to go to the Limpopo river and ask the crocodile himself.

Q. “Come here, little one, and I’ll whisper the answer to you.” Who said this and why?

Ans. The crocodile said this to Golu when he asked him what did it eat for dinner. Then the crocodile asked him to come near his ear so that he would whisper it.

Q. How was Golu’s nose, before it went to the crocodile?

Ans. Before Golu went to the crocodile, it had a short bulgy nose which it could swap from side to side but could not be used to pick up things.

Q. What all did Golu take with him before it went to the Limpopo river?

Ans. Golu took a hundred sugar canes, fifty dozen bananas and twenty-five melons with him when he went to the Limpopo river.

Q. What all did Golu ask the python?

Ans. When Golu was going to the Limpopo river, he met a python. He asked the python three questions: Have you ever seen a crocodile? What does a crocodile look like? What does a crocodile have for dinner?

Q. How did Golu help the python? What did it do in return?

Ans. Golu had helped the python to coil on the branch of a tree. The python felt grateful and followed Golu. When the crocodile had caught Golu by the nose, the python helped Golu in getting free from it.

Q. Why did everyone consider Golu naughty?

Ans. All other animals considered Golu naughty because he used to ask strange questions that had no answers.

Q. How did Golu develop a trunk?

Ans. When the crocodile pulled Golu’s nose and Golu also pulled in order to free himself, his nose grew longer and longer and developed into a 5 feet long trunk.

Q. What benefits Golu met after developing a trunk?

Ans. Golu would notice three main advantages after growing a trunk.

  • He could hit the fly that stung him.
  • He could use his trunk and pluck grass and put into mouth to eat.
  • He could scoop out mud on his head to cool himself.

Q. What are the questions that Golu asked his relatives?

Ans. The questions that Golu asked his relatives are following:

  1. He asked the baboon why melons tasted like melons.
  2. Golu wished to find out the reason from hippopotamus for his eyes always being red.
  3. Golu asked uncle giraffe why his skin is spotty.
  4. He asked the ostrich why he never files like other birds.

Q. Golu bade goodbye to his family. Why?

Ans. When the Mynah bird advised Golu, Golu an elephant bade goodbye to his family and set on a journey towards the great grassy Limpopo river to find out what crocodiles had for dinner. He was curious to know about it and when Mynah the bird, directed Golu to go to the crocodile, he decided to find answers to his questions and he left his family for this purpose.

Q. The python helped Golu. How?

Ans. Golu wanted to know the answer to his question but the python could not help him in answering the question, when he asked about the crocodile. But the python was very helpful and when the crocodile tricked Golu and caught his nose and tried to drag him into the water of the stream, the python guided Golu by pulling himself back as hard as it could be possible. Then, the python coiled himself around Golu’s stomach and helped Golu to pull himself back with all his power. After this, Golu become upset because of his long nose. At this point also, the python tried to console him and highlighted the advantages of his long nose. When Golu came to know about the advantages of his long nose, he became happy and felt better then before.

Q. . What lesson do the learn from the chapter?

Ans. The chapter is very expressing and inspirational. It imparts a very important lesson. Golu’s old nose was not very useful. While his new nose had quite a few advantages than before. But it was also true that Golu could not immediately accept the changes in his nose so he became upset. He kept waiting for his nose to shrink again, but the nose did not shrink soon. Golu was able to realise that the changes that occurred in his nose where for his benefit. The chapter is extremely inspirational and teaches us that human beings should not unnecessarily cry about the sudden changes in their circumstances, but should reconcile themselves with such occurrences, because it is quite possible that these unexpected changes may bear fruits for the person.

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