Good is Good by Eliza Lee Follen

Thou art good! Each perfumed flower,
Waving fields, the dark green wood,
The insect fluttering for an hour,—
All things proclaim that God is good.

I hear it in each breath of wind;
The hills that have for ages stood,
And clouds with gold and silver lined,
All still repeat that God is good.

Each little rill, that many a year
Has the same verdant path pursued,
And every bird, in accents clear,
Joins in the song that God is good.

The restless sea, with haughty roar,
Calms each wild wave and billow rude,
Retreats submissive from the shore,
And swells the chorus, “God is good.”

The countless hosts of twinkling stars,
That sing his praise with light renewed;
The rising sun each day declares,
In rays of glory, God is good.

The moon, that walks in brightness, says,
That God is good! and man, endued
With power to speak his Maker’s praise,
Should still repeat that God is good.

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