Guess What I Have Heard by Eliza Lee Follen

Dear mother, guess what I have heard!
O, it will soon be spring!
I’m sure it was a little bird,—
Mother, I heard him sing.

Look at this little piece of green
That peeps out from the snow,
As if it wanted to be seen,—
‘Twill soon be spring, I know.

And O, come here, come here and look!
How fast it runs along!—
Here is a cunning little brook;
O, hear its pretty song!

I know ’tis glad the winter’s gone
That kept it all so still,
For now it merrily runs on,
And goes just where it will.

I feel just like the brook, I know;
It says, it seems to me,—
“Good by, cold weather, ice, and snow;
Now girls and brooks are free.”

I love to think of what you said,
Mother, to me last night,
Of this great world that God has made,
So beautiful and bright.

And now it is the happy spring
No naughty thing I’ll do;
I would not be the only thing
That is not happy, too.

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