Has, Have, Had – Exercises for Class 3

  • Has is used with he, she, it and singular nouns.
  • Have is used with I, we, you, they, and plural nouns.
  • Had is used for past tense.


Q. Fill in the blanks with has, have or had.

  1. A spider __________ eight legs.
  2. She __________ a flute when she was young.
  3. They __________ a suitcase and a bag.
  4. She __________ a smartphone in her hands yesterday.


  1. has
  2. had
  3. have
  4. had

Q. Choose the correct words from the brackets.

  1. I (have/had) a beautiful dream last night.
  2. We (have/has) a match to play tomorrow.
  3. The teacher (have/has) a pen in her hand.
  4. We (have/has) a beautiful garden.
  5. Rohit (has/had) fever last Monday.


  1. had
  2. have
  3. has
  4. have
  5. had

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