Has or Have – Exercises for Class 2

We use has with one person, one animal or one things. We use have with more than one person, one animal, or one thing. With I and you, we always use have.


Q. Choose the has or have from the following sentences.

  1. Sonu (has / have) a small dog.
  2. A squirrel (has / have) a bushy tail
  3. Roses (has / have) thorns.
  4. These girls (has / have) beautiful dolls.
  5. I (has / have) to go to meet my grand parents.


  1. Sonu has a small dog.
  2. A squirrel has a bushy tail.
  3. Roses have thorns.
  4. These girls have beautiful dolls.
  5. I have to go to meet my grandparents.

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