He Little Boy’s Goodnight by Eliza Lee Follen

The sun is hidden from our sight,
The birds are sleeping sound;
‘Tis time to say to all, “Good night!”
And give a kiss all round.

Good night! my father, mother, dear,
Now kiss your little son;
Good night! my friends, both far and near,
Good night to every one.

Good night! ye merry, merry birds,
Sleep well till morning light;
Perhaps if you could sing in words,
You would have said, “Good night!”

To all my pretty flowers, good night!
You blossom while I sleep;
And all the stars, that shine so bright,
With you their watches keep.

The moon is lighting up the skies,
The stars are sparkling there;
‘Tis time to shut our weary eyes,
And say our evening prayer.

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