Henry Cuyler Bunner

Henry Cuyler Bunner (1855-1896) was an American poet, novelist, and editor. He wrote verses and fictions that depict the scenes and people of New York City where he spent a greater part of his life. He began his short but prolific career as a staff reporter with the Arcadian. Subsequently, he joined Puck as assistant editor and became its editor until his untimely death.

As a poet, his best-known anthology was titled Airs from A ready and Elsewhere (1884), which contained one of his popular early poems, The Way to Arcady, Rowen and Poems were his two other collections that were published when he was alive.

As a playwright he is known chiefly for Tower of Babel. His short story Zenobia’s Infidelity was made into a feature film called Zenobia.


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