Hope in God by Eliza Lee Follen

Hope, my heart, in patience hope,—
Thou at last thy flowers shalt gather;
God is full of tender love,—
Childlike speak thou to thy Father.

From believing, trusting hearts,
The God of mercy ne’er departs.
Clouds may come, and clouds may go,
Rest upon his goodness always;

To those joyful, sunny heights
Lead these rough and gloomy pathways;
Wakes for aye his Eye of Light,—
Tremble not in storm and night.

Anchored on the Eternal Rock,
To the heart of God fast clinging,
Tell him all thy deepest woes,
Before him all thy sorrows bringing;

He is kind, and comfort gives
To every sorrowing heart that lives.
Let true faith strong courage give;
Strength the Helper now is sending;

Soon thou’lt understand His ways,
Soon thou’lt find thy sorrows ending.
God! who life and goodness art!
In patience hope in Him, my heart.

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