How the Dog Found Himself a New Master! – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. The dog decided to serve someone. Why?

Ans. The dog decided to serve some one as he was sick of wandering from one place to another in search of food, so he wanted to be a servant.

Q. Why did the dog want to serve a master rather than be served?

Ans. The dog wanted to serve rather than be served because he was sick and tired of wandering alone looking for food and feeling scared of those who were stronger. If he had a master, he would be protected and also be given food.

Q. The dog left the bear. Why?

Ans. When the dog came to know that the bear was afraid of lions, he left the bear.

Q. Why was the bear afraid of the lion?

Ans. The bear was afraid of the lion because the lion was stronger than him and could eat him up.

Q. Why were the cows mooing and running in panic?

Ans. The cows were mooing and running in panic because a lion was running after them, who wanted to hunt one of them.

Q. Why do you think the lion was afraid of man inspite of being so powerful?

Ans. The lion was afraid of man because although man is physically not as strong as a lion but he has got brain. He has captivated, even hunted and killed lions.

Q. What was the life style of the dogs earlier?

Ans. Earlier the life style of dogs was that they were their own masters and were free to live the way they wanted at their own will.

Q. Why did the dog find man the strongest?

Ans. The dog found man the strongest because even the lion who is the king of the jungle was afraid of man.

Q. Why did the wolf sniff and hide in the bushes?

Ans. The wolf sniffed in the air and ran to hide in the bushes because he had seen a bear.

Q. The human beings became the master of dogs. How?

Ans. The Human beings finally became the master of dogs as they were stronger than anyone else on Earth. It is also true that even lions were afraid of them. So, dogs joined the man and stayed with him to become his servant and served him faithfully.

Q. When the lion came to know about human presence, what was his reaction?

Ans. One day, the lion and the dog were walking side-by-side when suddenly the lion stopped and gave a great roar and struck the ground angrily with his paw and made a hole into the ground. He began to run backwards quickly. In this way Re reacted to the presence of man.

Q. The dog came to know that the bear was stronger than the wolf. How?

Ans. The dog came to know that the bear was stronger than the wolf when he saw the wolf moving quickly into the bushes and creeping deeper into the forest because he was afraid of the bear. He also came to know that the bear could have killed both of them.

Q. Which animals were served by the dog? What was the reason for the dog to leave them one-by-one?

Ans. The dog was keen to have the strongest creature on the Earth to become his master who could protect him throughout his life. He wanted to find one, he stayed with a wolf, a bear and a lion before he could find his final master, human beings. But the dog was not satisfied with them and left the animals one-by-one because he found that the wolf was afraid of the bear, the bear was afraid or the lion, and the lion was afraid of human beings, so finally, the chose the man to be his master.

Q. How can you say that the dog was selfish?

Ans. We can state that the dog was selfish as he was looking for such a great master, who was stronger than anyone on the Earth so that he could lead a safe life and nobody could harm him in the forest. He was looking for someone who was strong enough to protect him throughout his life. The dog felt sickness and the tiredness of wandering from one place to another in search of food. He wished to lead a simple and easy life so, he decided to become somebody’s servant and be dependent on him for food and shelter. The dog’s only concern was that he should live safely in peace so he kept changing his master. Thus, we can say that the dog was selfish.

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