Hymn for a Little Boy by Eliza Lee Follen

“What, mother, makes it seem to me,
When I am all alone,
As if some one could hear and see,
And all my thoughts were known?

“Sometimes it makes me very glad,
And dance and sing with joy;
Sometimes it makes me very sad,
And frights your little boy.

“O, tell me, mother, tell me why;
For I have never known
Why ’tis I laugh, or why I cry,
When I am all alone.”

“My child, you never are alone;
There is a watchful eye
To which your very thoughts are known;
‘Tis God is ever nigh.

“He made your little heart for joy,
He tunes your happy song;
O, then, my little timid boy,
Fear only doing wrong.

“For he who makes your heart so glad,
Who bids the good be gay,
With the same love will make it sad,
Whene’er you disobey.

“He is our Father, and he hears
Your weakest, faintest prayer;
He wipes away an infant’s tears,
And children are his care

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