What is an Imperative Sentence?

Imperative sentences are the sentences that express command, order, advice, request, or proposal. Imperative sentences can be positive or negative.

Imperative sentences are of five types:

1. Direct Order


  1. Mend your ways.
  2. Listen to what I say.
  3. Do not poke your nose into other’s affairs.
  4. Don’t move from here untill I come back.

2. Indirect Order


  1. Visitors are to have valid tickets to the museum
  2. I am to rush to the parade ground.
  3. You are not to encourage flattery.
  4. Pedestrians are not to cross the road when the singal is green for vehicles.

3. Advice


  1. Children should repect their teachers and elders.
  2. The injured must be rushed to the hospital.
  3. The motorist ought to keep to the left on the road.
  4. Nobody should steal the belogings of others.

4. Request


  1. Please keep your dirty shoues outside.
  2. Kindly shut the door after you.
  3. Please do not make a noise in the hopsital.
  4. Kindly stay away from the cages of the animals.

5. Proposal


  1. Let us all pray to God.
  2. Let us not behave in such a rude manner.
  3. Let us go to see the famouse temple.
  4. Let us not forget our days of adversity.

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