In the Kingdom of Fools – Summary

This is an interesting story about a Kingdom of Fools.


The king and his minister did not have any brain. Once, they ordered that night should be considered day and vice–versa. They ordered that the people should keep awake at night and sleep during the day.

One day, a guru and his disciple visited the kingdom. To their utter surprise, the city looked deserted during the day time and by evening the shops opened and they purchased food to eat. The disciple felt happy at the cheap rate eatable commodities and decided to stay back, while the guru rejected the idea.

An incident almost saved the kingdom. One day, a thief entered the house of a merchant but before he could steal anything, the wall fell on him and he died. The brother of the thief complained to the king against the merchant whose weak wall had taken the life of his poor brother. Ultimately the merchant blamed the mason, the mason blamed the dancing girl, the dancing girl blamed the goldsmith and the goldsmith blamed the family of the merchant. It was decided that merchant should be executed as he had inherited all his father’s wealth as well as his sins. The merchant was fat and the stake was meant to execute very thin people.

As a result, a new stake was built to execute the merchant but it was too big, therefore, the king ordered that a fat man should be executed first. The king’s men brought the disciple to be executed. Seeing in his vision, the guru came to rescue of his disciple. He said to the king that this stake is new, therefore, he wants that he himself should be executed first. The king asked the reason. The guru said that the person who is executed first on this holy stake, will be reborn as the king of this kingdom. Now, the king wished to die first in order to become the king again. Therefore, the foolish king was executed and the guru through his wisdom saved his disciple.

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