Infinitives – Exercises for Class 7

The infinitive is referred to as the to-verb. It is also used without ‘to’ and is called bare infinite.


Q. Combine the following pairs of sentences by using infinitives.

  1. You can borrow the pencil box. You need Sneha’s permission.
  2. Help the needy. It is a noble work.
  3. They went to Delhi. They visited the India Gate.
  4. Tia writes poetry. This is her hobby.
  5. The child ate a sandwich. She saw it.


  1. You need Sneha’s permission to borrow the pencil box.
  2. It is a noble work to help the needy.
  3. They went to Delhi to visit the India Gate.
  4. Tia’s hobby is to write poetry.
  5. She saw to it that the child ate a sandwich.

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