It Was My Heavenly Father’s Love by Eliza Lee Follen

It was my Heavenly Father’s love
Brought every being forth;
He made the shining worlds above,
And every thing on earth.

Each lovely flower, the smallest fly,
The sea, the waterfall,
The bright green fields, the clear blue sky,—
‘Tis God that made them all.

He gave me all my friends, and taught
My heart to love them well,
And he bestowed the power of thought,
And speech my thoughts to tell.

My father and my mother dear,—
He is their father too;
He bids me all their precepts hear,
And all they teach me, do.

God sees and hears me all the day,
And ‘mid the darkest night;
He views me when I disobey,
And when I act aright.

He guards me with a parent’s care,
When I am all alone;
My hymn of praise, my humble prayer,
He hears them every one.

God hears what I am saying now,—
O, what a wondrous thought!
My Heavenly Father, teach me how
To love thee as I ought.

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