Its vs It’s

Unlike most possessives, its does not contain an apostrophe. The word it’s is instead a contraction of the words it is. The second i is removed, and replaced by an apostrophe.

It’s means it is (e.g. it’s very hot in here); its means belonging to it, as in the dog chased its ball.

When revising your writing, say the words it is when you come across it’s or its. If they make sense, you should be using the contraction. If they don’t, you need the possessive form, its, without an apostrophe.

Example of It’s

  • She thinks it’s in the car.
  • It’s so nice to see you!
  • It’s your turn to do it.
  • It’s very hot in the room.

Examples of Its

  • The car needed its clutch repaired.
  • The tiger hurt its paw.
  • Their house has its own swimming pool.
  • The company increased its profits marginally.

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