Job Application Letter for Political Science Post Graduate Teacher

Bal Vidya Public School, Bhilai, urgently requires a post-graduate teacher to teach political science for which they have placed an advertisement in The Bhilai Express. You are Sanjay/Sanjana Sharma from 21, Vasant Marg, Bhilai. Draft a letter including a CV, applying for the advertised post.

21, Vasant Marg

15 April, 20××

Bal Vidya Public School
510, Sector 2

Subject: Application for the Post of Post Graduate Teacher (Political Science)


This is in response to your advertisement in The Bhilai Express on 10 April, 20×× for the post of post-graduate teacher (Political Science).

I have worked for two years with Jayshree Public School as Post-graduate teacher and three years with Aacharya Coaching Institute as teacher of Political Science and Social Studies.

I am a hard working, patient and dedicated individual, who takes her responsibilities seriously. If selected, I assure you that I will give my hundred percent and work to your full satisfaction.
I am currently pursuing PhD in Political Science and hold a post graduate degree in the same.

I have enclosed my bio-data for your further perusal.

Thank you

Yours faithfully
Sanjana Sharma

Enclosed: 1. Bio-data 2. Testimonials (2)

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