Job Application Letter for Post of Sales Manager

You are Shubhi/Shobhit, a resident of Block A Flat No. 103, Vasundhara Apartment, Ghaziabad. You read the following advertisement in ‘The Times of India’ and want to apply for it. Write a letter to the General Manager giving your detailed resume separately.

Wisdom Publishers Limited
10, Sector 24,
Noida Wanted Sales Manager
Qualification: M.Com./MBA
Exp.: 5 years of M.Com., 1, 2, years for MBA
Competency: Knowledge of computer, finances, Commercial activities, Salary Commensurate with qualifications and experience.
Apply giving your detailed resume to the General Manager.

Flat No. 103, Block A
Vasundhara Apartment

20 February 20XX

The General Manager
Wisdom Publishers
10, Sector 24

Subject: Application for the post of Sales Manager

Dear Sir

With reference to your advertisement in ‘The Times of India’ dated 28th February, 20XX, I wish to apply for the post of Sales Manager in your reputed institution.

I am enclosing my detailed resume for your perusal. I assure you that I will discharge all my duties with full dedication and devotion.

Yours faithfully

(Enclosure Bio-data)

Bio- Date

Name: Shubhi Kapoor
Father’s Name: Mr. A.K. Kapoor
Address: 103 Vasundhara Apartments, Ghaziabad
Age: 27 years
Marital Status: Unmarried
Nationality: Indian
Languages Known: English, Hindi
Academic Qualification:

  1. B.Com., Punjab University
  2. M.Com., Delhi University
  3. Computer Course of NIIT

Hobbies: Reading, Listening to music
Work Experience: 5 Years


  1. Prof. Bhavesh Kumar St. John’s College Lucknow
  2. Dr. Arun Duggal Medical College Noida

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