Job Application Letter for SAI Certified Sports Coaches

Sunshine Public School, Pune requires two sports coaches (one male and one female). Each should be a degree holder in physical education as well as an SAI certified coach in athletics. You have seen their advertisement and you know that you have these qualifications. Write an application in 120-150 words along with your resume. You are Praveen/Praveena, M-114, Najafgarh. Delhi.


10 May 20XX

The Principal
Sunshine Public School

Subject : Application for the job of a sports coach


This is with reference to your advertisement in The Times of India, dated 2nd May, 20XX, for the job of a sports coach.

I am, at present, working in a private school in Delhi. Since my family is stationed in Pune, I want to shift to the city. Hence, I am looking for a job in Pune.
I have 3 years of experience and can assure you of my best services, if given a chance.

I am enclosing my resume for your perusal.

Yours faithfully

Encl. Resume


Name: Praveen / Praveen Sharma
Address: 8, Gandhi Road, Pune
Date of Birth: 30 Nov 19XX

Educational Qualifications:

  • Degree in Phyiscal Education from Mumbai,
  • SAI Cerification in Athletics

Job Experience: 3 years in a private school in Delhi
Expected Salary: 20000 p.m

  • Prof. B M Sharmaa, Adarsh COllege, Ambala
  • Dr Lal Civil Hospital, Delhi

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