Job Application Letter for the Post of Software Engineer

You have read an advertisement in the newspaper, ‘Pune Times’ for the post of software engineer in Alex Software, Pune. You believe that you possess the requisite qualifications and experience and your innovative ideas will prove an asset to the company. Write an application in 120-150 words emphasising your strong points and your suitability for the post. Also include your biodata. You are Saurabh/Shikha, 12, Mall Road, Chandigarh.

12, Mall Road

10th March 20XX

The Manager
Alex Software

Subject: Application for the post of a Software Engineer


In response to your advertisement in the Pune Times dated January, 20XX for the post of a software engineer, I hereby offer my candidature for the same. I believe that my skills and qualifications match your requirements.

I have worked as a software engineer at GnC for the last eight years. It has been my dream to work in this sector which is playing such an important role in the development of society. My area of specialty is user interface and coding. I have been appreciated for my efficiency by my previous employers. If given the opportunity, I am sure I will be able to prove my capabilities to you as well.

I would be glad to get this opportunity and speak more about my work in a personal interview. I am available to come to Pune at your convenience. Thank you so much for reading my letter and for considering me for this position. I am enclosing my detailed resume for your perusal.

Shikha / Saurabh

Encl. : Detailed Resumeand Work Experience Certificate


Name: Shikha / Saurabh
Father’s Name: Mahesh Pathak
Address: 12, Mall Road, Chandigarh
Phone: 91××××××××
Date of Birth: 27th September, 1989
Marital Status: Unmarried
Educational Qualification:

  • Graduation with First Division in Computer Engineering from IIT Delhi
  • Dioploma in Graphic Design from Ace Design Academy

Experience: Worked as Manager for eight years at GNC, Mumbai, and Software Engineer for two years at Tonarry Tech, New Delhi
Communications Skills: Excellent communication and management skills, team player, sincerity, ability to convince and influence people
Languages known: Fluent in English, Hindi and German
Reference: Mr. D. K. Paul Senior Manager, GNC Mumbai

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