Jumbled Sentences for Class 7

A sentence is a collection of words which convey a meaningful sense. Following are some exercises to convert jumbled words into sentences.

Jumbled Sentences Exercises

Q. Arrange the following groups of words into a sentence:

  1. was child flying kite a the.
  2. potato a is vegetable.
  3. crying baby is the.
  4. school go students to.
  5. speak truth we should the.
  6. go by train I.
  7. farmer has goats two and cow one the.
  8. father my is doctor a.
  9. live we in India.
  10. queen brave Laxmi Bai was a.


  1. The child was flying a kite.
  2. Potato is a vegetable.
  3. The baby is crying.
  4. Students go to school.
  5. We should speak the truth.
  6. I go by train.
  7. The farmer has one cow and two goats.
  8. My father is a doctor.
  9. We live in India.
  10. Laxmi Bai was a brave queen.

Q. Identify whether the following is a sentence or not. If it is not a sentence, then correct it:

  1. have I an Answer.
  2. The colour of my shirt is good.
  3. toy your is red.
  4. the boy himself cut.
  5. Sheela is my sister.
  6. queen punished boy the the.
  7. Tom ran after Jerry.
  8. Indians are all we.
  9. wall dirty you made have the.
  10. Ram was a good king.


  1. I have an Answer.
  2. It is correct.
  3. Your toy is red.
  4. The boy cut himself.
  5. It is correct.
  6. The queen punished the boy.
  7. It is correct.
  8. We all are Indians.
  9. You have made the wall dirty.
  10. It is correct.

Q. Arrange the following groups of words into a sentence:

  1. Stone make walls do not a prison.
  2. Money you have shall.
  3. blessed the peacemakers are.
  4. just God’s true and ways are.
  5. The man conscience is who happy has a clear.
  6. were few short the prayers that said we.
  7. Stepped piper the into the street.
  8. a liar I detest
  9. The up went balloon.
  10. It wonderful isn’t.


  1. Stone walls do not make a prison.
  2. You shall have money.
  3. The peacemakers are blessed.
  4. God’s ways are just and true.
  5. The man who has a clear conscience is happy.
  6. The few prayers that we said were short.
  7. The piper stepped into the street.
  8. I detest a liar.
  9. The balloon went up.
  10. Isn’t it wonderful.

Q. Rearrange the groups of words given below to form meaningful sentences:

  1. together flock of a feather birds.
  2. me advised he law to study.
  3. pardon to him the judge prisoner the begged.
  4. a joy ever for is beauty of a thing.
  5. your watch by what time is the
  6. can tell me you the way nearest station to the
  7. Prime the minister announced relief the people to all the district of.
  8. Why to see her could not you go personally.
  9. policeman there stands the directing the traffic.
  10. have these mangoes flavour what a delicious.


  1. Birds of a feather flock together.
  2. He advised me to study law.
  3. The prisoner begged the judge to pardon him.
  4. A thing of beauty is a joy for ever.
  5. What is the time by your watch?
  6. Can you tell me the way to the nearest station?
  7. The Prime Minister announced relief to all the people of the district.
  8. Why you could not go to see her personally?
  9. The policeman stands there directing the traffic.
  10. What a delicious flavour these mangoes have.

Q. Rearrange the jumbled words to make a meaningful sentence:

  1. He chosen leader a was as.
  2. The girl playing toys with her is.
  3. Sonam of our class is the monitor.
  4. Dishonesty a man’s career ruins.
  5. At the door there is a man.
  6. Do your what say parents.
  7. What a picture beautiful!
  8. Mind own business your.
  9. She did we expected as.
  10. He has work hand in.


  1. He was chosen as a leader.
  2. The girl is playing with her toys.
  3. Sonam is the monitor of our class.
  4. Dishonesty ruins a man’s career.
  5. There is a man at the door.
  6. Do what your parents say.
  7. What a beautiful picture!
  8. Mind your own business.
  9. She did as we expected.
  10. He has work in hand.

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