Letter: Cancelling Order for Textbooks

You are the librarian of Amla Public School. You had placed an order for textbooks with Dhanpati and Sons. As the books did not arrive on time, you have decided to cancel the order. Write a letter to the Manager, Dhanpati & Sons, Chennai, cancelling the order.

Amla Public School

10th April, 20XX

The Manager
M/s Dhanpati & Sons

Subject: Cancellation of our order APS 40/15-16

Dear Sir

Kindly refer to our above order dated 7th March, 20XX for various textbooks for our school students, in which the last date of delivery was 31st March, 20XX.

We regret that the books ordered have not been received by us so far.

Since, the new academic session has started and students need to have the books. I hereby cancel the order due to the non-arrival of books in time. The inconvenience caused is deeply regretted. Kindly acknowledge receipt of this letter.

Yours faithfully


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