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Complaint Letter for Chaotic Conditions in Casualty Department

Yesterday you went to Sunrise Hospital, Market Road, New Delhi taking with you the victim of a hit arid run accident. There were chaotic conditions in the casualty department. The injured was attended to after a lot of precious time had been lost. Write a letter of complaint in 120-150 words to the Medical Superintendent. You are Karan/Karuna, 014, Mall Road, Delhi.

Mall Road Colony

5th May, 20XX

The Medical Superintendent
Sunrise Hospital,
Market Road
New Delhi

Respected Sir/Madam

Subject: Chaotic conditions and indifferent attitude of the hospital staff

This is with reference to the poor treatment meted out to a victim of a hit and run accident by your hospital staff on 2nd May, 20XX.

There were chaotic conditions in the casualty department of your hospital. We reached the hospital at 7:00 in the evening. The doctor on duty was not available and came only after two hours had passed and much of the blood had oozed out.

Even the nurses and attendants were least interested in attending patient. As per rule, ‘ a hit and run patient’ should be attended to before registering the case and cannot be asked for the registration fee as well. But I had to pay Rs 500. To make them matter worse, the hospital staff refused to do so and asked us to first register the case, not caring for the profusely bleeding wounds of the patient. The injured was attended to after a lot of precious time had been lost. Though the victim was finally saved but only after a lot of blood loss.

I hope you will look into this matter and take strict action against the hospital staff. Only if this issue resolved, many precious lives can be saved in future also.

Thanks and regards

Yours faithfully

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