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Complaint Letter for Defective Book

You are Arman/Arpita of 14, M.G. Road, Pune. You had bought the text book, ‘Vistas’ for Class XII from a neighbourhood bookstore. After browsing through the book, you realized that a few pages were missing and the print overlapped on a few pages. Write a complaint letter in 125-150 words to the manager, Dawn Books, Lawrence Road, Chennai requesting him for a replacement or refund.

14, M.G. Road

20 April, 20XX

The Manager Dawn Books
Lawrence Road

Subject: Complaint against defective book


Through this letter of mine, I wish to draw your attention towards a book which I had bought from a neighborhood bookstore. The book ‘Vistas’ for class XII has few pages missing. I realized this when I reached home and browsed it. There is some misprinting also as a few pages have overlapping print. When I went back to return the book, the shopkeeper refused to do so.

So, I decided to write a complaint letter to you. Hope you will understand the problem which I will face the whole year while studying this book.

Kindly replace this book or if it is not possible, then make an arrangement for the refund. I shall be highly obliged by this kind act of yours.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

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