Complaint Letter for Increased Risk of Malaria and Dengue

Recent rains and consequent water logging have increased the risk of malaria and dengue. Write a letter to the chairman of your Municipality in 120-150 words on prevention and protection against these ailments and the steps that the concerned authority should take to prevent mosquito breading in and around the locality.

202 M.G. Road

27 July 20XX

The Chairman
Municipal Corporation

Subject: Increasing Risk of Malaria & Dengue

Dear Sir/Madam

Through this letter of mine, I would like to draw your attention towards the waterlogging in our area which is the result of the recent heavy rainfall. Every year in the months of July and August, we face the problem concerning ailments like malaria and dengue. The mosquitoes breed in the stagnant water on the roads, in the streets and other such places. Their breeding ultimately results in malaria and dengue.

This year also, we are facing the risk of these ailment. So, I request you to take preventive action against them such as the spraying of DDT, and other insecticides in the areas. Awareness should be spread among the local residents regarding the use of mosquito repellents and bed nets. A fogging machine can also be sent in the areas of higher risk of being affected with malaria. I hope for an early action from your end.

Thanking you.

Yours truly

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