Complaint Letter for Water Scarcity and Conserving Water

Write a letter to the President, Residents’ Welfare Association of your locality suggesting some measures that could be taken for solving the problem of water scarcity and conserving water.

ABC Apartments
New Delhi

27 May 20XX

The President
Resident Welfare Association
ABC Apartment
New Delhi

Subject: Water Scarcity

Dear Sir

Through this letter I would like to draw your kind attention to the pressing problem of water scarcity in our apartment. The residents are facing water scarcity problem for a long time.

The water tank is not holding enough quantity of water to cater to the needs of the residents. Despite this situation, the residents are not conserving water. Most of them are wasting water while bathing, washing clothes and utensils and gardening.

In this backdrop, I have some suggestions to offer to solve the problem immediately. I request you to convene a general meeting of the residents to discuss the issue. We may take the help of local cable TV and community radio to spread the message of conserving water among the residents of our locality.

The residents should be sensitized to conserve water while bathing, cooking, washing clothes and utensils. We may organise a door to door campaign to make the residents aware of the need for conserving water.

Even it will be worthwhile to organise a seminar cum workshop on this issue. We may organise a drawing and essay writing session on the theme of water conservation among the children. This will make them realize the need for conserving water.

Water conservation experts may be invited to make us aware about various methods and technologies available to conserve water. We should encourage the practice of water reuse among the residents. Rain water harvesting techniques should be adopted as early as possible.

I request you to take immediate steps to address the issue of water scarcity and conservation measures and motivate us to solve the problem collectively.

Thanking You

Yours truly

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