Letter: Placing Order for Sports Goods Not Received

You are Ravikant, sports teacher of Sunshine Public, Karol Bagh, Delhi. A month ago you placed an order for the supply of a few sports goods. So far you have not received the goods. Write a letter in 120-150 words to the Sales Manager, Olympic Sports F-12 Darya Ganj, Delhi requesting a speedy delivery of the goods.

Sunshine Public School
Karol Bagh

6 March, 20××

The Sales Manager
Olympics Sports
F-12, Darya Ganj

Subject: Delay in Delivery of Sports Goods


This is in reference to the order I placed on 3 February, 20×× for several sports goods from your store. Our order number is ABC12345.

The sports goods were supposed to be delivered on 3 March, 20××. However, there has been a delay of four days in the delivery of the same. The equipments are required urgently, therefore, I am writing to you requesting for speedy delivery of the ordered products.

Thank you

Ravikant Mishra
Sports Teacher

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