Letter: Placing Order for 4 Sets of Social Studies Books

You are Vikram/Vanya, Librarian, B.S. Public School, Delhi. Write a letter to the Manager of Amar Publication House, Mumbai, placing an order for 4 sets of Social Studies books for grades 6-8 published by N.C.E.R.T. in not more than 120 words. Mention school discount, mode of payment and date of delivery.

B.S Public School

April 27, 20XX

The Manager
Amar Publication House

Subject: Placing the order for SST Books


I am Vikram/Vanya, the librarian of the school. After the reopening of school, we are planning to restock and update our library. Therefore, I am placing an order for the following books for the current session.

S. No Books Publication Quantity
1 SST (Grade 6-8) NCERT 4 Sets Each

All the books should be of latest edition, well bound and packed properly and should be delivered till 10th May. We expect an institutional discount of 10 percent. The payment will be made by cash once the items reach us. Though in the past, you have never given us any opportunity to complain and the books have always reached us well on time, and in excellent condition as per our specifications, we do expect the same delivery this time as well.

Thanking You

Yours truly

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