Letter: Placing Order for Books on Management and Administration

Write a letter to the Manager (Publications) of Little Flower Company, Hyderabad, placing an order for 4 books on Management and Administration recently published by them. You are Ronil/Rohini, Librarian, H.P. Engineering College, Tirupathi.

H.P. Engineering College

2 March, 20xx

The Manager
Little Flower Company

Subject: Placing an Order for Books


I wish to place an order for four books on Management and Administration, recently published by you.

Please make sure that the books sent are in the best of conditions and packed properly to avoid any damage. Those damaged in transit or have inferior print quality will not be accepted nor any payment for the same will be made.

Kindly apply the requisite discount before calculating the final amount to be paid. Please supply the book within three weeks of time.

Cash will be paid post delivery once the quality check is done and the books are found in satisfactory condition.

We seek your co-operation in this regard.

Thank you

Yours faithfully
Rohini Khanna

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