Letter: Placing Order for Books

You are the librarian of Delhi Public School, Meerut. Write a letter to Oxford University Press, Ghaziabad, placing an order for books. Mention at least 4 titles of the books to be supplied immediately. Address yourself as Kalpana.

Delhi Public School
Bye-Pass Road

2nd October, 20××

The Manager
Oxford University Press
Civil Lines

Subject: Supply of books for the School Library


Through this letter we wish to place a bulk order for the supply of books to our school library.

The list of books with their particulars is attached herewith.

List of Books:

S.No. Name of Books Authors or Publishers Copies required
1 History of India L. Prashad 20
2 Modern Trigonometry Bansi Lal 30
3 Modern Algebra S K Sen 25
4 American Literature Jane Austen 40
5 Wonders of India Bhisham Rahuld Dev 15
6 India Wins Freedom Chetan Bhagat 25
7 The New Atlas of the World Frank Martin 12

We shall not settle for less than 20% discount on the purchase of the books. Besides, we request you to give another 5% special discount that is usually granted to the institutional buyers. It goes without saying that you will have to bear the mail and other expenses involved in the dispatch and delivery of books. The above books must reach us in proper condition and order not later than 25th November if our terms and conditions are acceptable to you.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

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