Letter: Placing Order for Herbal Medicines and Wellness Products

You are Narendra sharma/Nitin sharma, Head, Fitness Group of Gold Gym, 234, Ram Vihar, Delhi. You wish to purchase certain herbal medicines and wellness products. Write a letter to the Store Manager, M/s East India, 54, Preet Vihar, Delhi placing an order for the specific products required by you.

Gold Gym
234, Ram Vihar

30th July, 20xx

The Store Manager
East India
Preet Vihar

Sub: Order for herbal medicines and wellness products


We have recently opened a fitness centre at Ram Vihar and hence we require certain herbal medicines and wellness products. You are the biggest wholesale suppliers of products and offer the most competitive prices and prompt services.

The order is as follows:

Sr. No Product Brand Quantity
1 Curcumin NOW 250
2 Gooseberry NOW 350
3 Coffee Extract NOw 250
4 Protein Powder ON 200
5 Creatine ON 200
6 BCAA ON 200

We expect at least 15% discount and proper packing of the product. In case of any damage in transit, the goods will be returned at your cost. Payment would be made by cheque once the consignment is received, we expect prompt delivery within a week.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully
Narendra sharma
(Head, fitness group)

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