Letter: Placing Order for Textbooks on Mathematics

You are Suresh/Sarita, the student prefect and incharge of the school library. You have been asked to place an order for textbooks on Mathematics. Write a letter to M/s Future Books (P) Ltd., 42734B/2, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi placing an order for the books. Invent the necessary details.

BVM, Public School
Ram Vihar

22nd August, 2019

M/s Future Books (P) Ltd.
42734B/2, Ansari Road
Daryaganj, New Delhi

Subject: Order for Mathematics textbooks


I would like to place an order for textbooks on Mathematics with your firm for our school library. Since the school is going to have an exhibition by the end of this month we need the following books urgently.

Subject Classes Author Quantity

  1. Class IX by Raj Singh – 40 copies
  2. Class IX by Raj Singh – 25 copies
  3. Class IX by Raj Singh – 15 copies
  4. Class IX by Raj Singh – 20 copies

We request you to give us discount offered to the educational institutions. Please find enclosed a DD for 40000/-. The remaining amount shall be paid as soon as we receive the final bill. You are requested to send us these books through any courier service. Please ensure that the books are properly packed. The books found damaged will be returned at your cost. We shall feel highly obliged if you could deliver us these books within 20 days.

Yours truly
Suresh Kumar
(Student prefect)

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