Enquiry Letter: Issuing the Duplicate Certificates

You have lost your original certificates of class X and XII. You want to get their duplicates issued but you do not know the procedure. Write a letter to the Chairman, CBSE, Preet Vihar enquiring about the fee to be deposited, mode of payment, time taken by the board for issuing duplicate certificates and any other formalities. You are Tarun / Taruna, 79, Kunj Apartments, Shimla.

Kunj Apartments

3 April 20

The Chairman
Preet Vihar

Subject: Query About issuing the duplicate certificates

Respected Sir

While travelling in a bus I left my bag in a bus. The bag contained my original certificates of X and XII. Now I have to apply for a job in a government department. Please let me know the procedure of issuing the duplicate certificates, time taken by the board and the fees to be deposited. My registration no. is 4567/897/HP and I have filed the FIR about the loss of my bag.

Please do the needful as early as possible as it is a question of my career.

Thanking you in anticipation

Yours faithfully

Tarun Kumar

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