Letter: Replace Defective Sports Items

You are the Physical Education Instructor of All Saints School. You had placed an order for sports goods with Bat and Ball Enterprises. When the items arrived you found that some of them were defective. Write a letter to the Manager, Bat and Ball Enterprises, asking him to replace the defective items.

All Saints School

2 March, 20××

The Manager
Bat and Ball Enterprises

Subject: Request to Replace Defective Sports Items


This is to inform you that I had placed an order for the following sports items from your shop. However, when I opened the carton, I was disappointed to see that some sports goods were defective. The list is given below:

  • Hockey Sticks – 1 dozen
  • Cricket Bats – 3 pieces
  • Shuttle Cocks – 5 dozen
  • Football Bladders – 6 pieces
  • Cricket Balls – 5 pieces

The proper invoice is also not attached. The invoice may be sent to us as per registered post. We will pay the money within ten days of the receipt of the goods.You are requested to replace the defective goods. You may also instruct your packers to pack the materials carefully in future.

We look forward for favourable consideration and early action from you.

Thank you

Yours sincerely
Physical Education Instructor

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