Letter: Returning Defective Sports Goods

You are the Physical Education Instructor of All Saints School. You had placed an order for sports goods with Bat and Ball Enterprises. When the items arriyed you found that some of them were defective. Write a letter to the Manager, Bat and Ball Enterprises, asking him to replace the defective items.

All Saints School

18 August, 20XX

The Manager Bat and Ball Enterprises
New Delhi

Subject: Defective sports goods


I wish to draw your kind attention towards the bulk order for the supply of cricket-kits, footballs, volleyballs and the nets which I received on 16th August, 20XX. I am sorry to inform you that most of the sports goods received at our end are defective and substandard. Therefore I request you to depute someone to attend to this complaint and replace the defective items as early as possible.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely
Sachin Gupta
Physical Education Instructor

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