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Letter to Editor: Affordable Accommodation for Students

Many students from different parts of the country come to Delhi to study. Finding affordable accommodation is the main problem faced by them. Landlords charge exorbitant rents and in some cases refuse to rent rooms to them because of their different food habits and culture. The hostel facility provided by educational institutions is too inadequate to meet the demand. Write a letter in 100-120 words to the editor of a local daily drawing attention of the authorities and requesting them to take appropriate action. You are Raman/Raveena, 12, Station Road, Delhi.

12, Station Road

20 April, 20XX

The Editor
The Times of India
Kasturba Gandhi Marg – New Delhi

Subject: Students’ smooth stay in the city


I shall be obliged if you allow me a little space in the column of your esteemed newspaper to express my concern about the inadequate facilities for students coming to Delhi from different cities.

Education is the need of the hour. In small cities, students do not get as many avenues for studies as in Delhi. Hence, students from different parts of the country, come to Delhi to study. But here, getting a reasonable accommodation becomes a challenge for them. Rents are soaring high. Landlords demand exorbitant rents. There is no check on them.

To add to their woes, condition of hostels in educational institutions is pathetic. They too do not have adequate facilities. Negligence and carelessness of authorities have left them useless. The unswept floors and unhygienic conditions are other problems. This issue needs to be addressed immediately.

So I request the authorities to take immediate steps to solve the issue so that students’ safe and comfortable stay in the city can be ensured.

Thank you

Yours Truly

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