Letter to Editor: Awareness Programmes to Keep Metro Clean

You noticed, while travelling in the Metro that in spite of the strict vigilance, people try to deface the Metro trains and stations. Write a letter to the editor of an evening newspaper suggesting DMRC, Delhi to start some awareness programmes at the school level in coordination with the Directorate of Education explaining how such programmes may help in bringing a positive change in people’s attitude. You are Sudheer/Sweety of 3-B, DDA Flats, Punjabi Bagh, Delhi.

3–B, DDA Flats
Punjabi Bagh

29 August, 20XX

The Editor

Subject: Awareness to keep Metro clean


Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, first of all I would like to thank the DMRC, Delhi for providing the citizens of Delhi with so much ease in commuting. I frequently use the Metro and find it very convenient. While travelling, I have noticed that though there is strict vigilance still people deface the Metro trains and stations. I feel that if the DMRC, Delhi collaborates with the Directorate of Education and runs awareness programmes in schools, we would be able to cover a wide spectrum of people and spread the message. This had been successful in the past like for the pollution-free Diwali campaign, as well. It would be a great service to the city if you address this issue in your daily.

Thank you

Yours faithfully

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