Letter to Editor: Ban Poly Bags

You are Kavita Khanna, a resident of 50-C, Pushp Vihar, New Delhi. Write a letter to the editor of ‘India Today’ magazine based on the article on ‘Ban Poly Bags’, published in the latest edition.

Pushp Vihar
New Delhi

26 August 20××

The Editor
India Today
New Delhi

Subject: Ban Poly Bags


I totally agree with the views, published in the article ‘Ban Poly Bags’. It is a fact that poly bags are harmful due to their non-biodegradable nature. They don’t decompose, instead they choke the drainage system. Most animals eat them and die in the long run. If they are burnt, their obnoxious smell pollutes the atmosphere.

I wish that people at large, in their own interest and in the interest of mother earth wake up to this problem. Everyone should stop using poly bags. Jute bags, paper bags, etc., should take their place.

Thank you

Yours truly
Kavita Khanna

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