Letter to Editor: Describe an Art Gallery You Have Visited

Write a letter to the Editor of a magazine describing a dance performance you have seen or an art gallery you have visited.

XYZ Street

2 October 20XX

The Editor
Times of India
New Delhi

Subject: Art Gallery

Dear Sir

Through the columns of your reputed magazine I would like to share my experiences of my recent visit to an art gallery. What is special about the art gallery is that it showcases the art work of visually challenged people.

The art gallery named Inner Eye is rightly named as it shows how the visually challenged artists from various parts of the country express their inner vision, perception and sensibilities through the medium of colour and brush. These artists are visually challenged but they could express their perceptions seen with their inner eyes.

The painting exhibition was inaugurated by Hiren Pathak, an eminent art critic.

I was taken aback to see the paintings. The theme of the paintings ranged from corruption, climate change, poverty to themes from mythology like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata and our freedom struggle.

Works of some artists displayed fusion of styles like the traditional Madhubani painting style with modern art, the Kangra valley art with western styles etc. Post modernist trends were also noticed.

The management of the art gallery deserve compliments for the stupendous task they have undertaken for promoting the works of the visually challenged artists.

The government should also take necessary steps to promote the works of such artists who despite being visually challenged produce wonderful pieces of painting. The exhibition was really inspiring, motivating and a glaring example of the potential capabilities of man.

Thanking You

Yours truly

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